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  History of homœopathy in Queensland - A brief summary :



After a 6 month stay in Sydney, Australia's first homœopath, Dr Stephen Simpson, moved to Moreton Bay (Brisbane) in Queensland. In 1841 the Governor appointed Simpson as acting medical officer (Acting Colonial Surgeon) during the absence of the person who normally held that position.


Samuel Levy Bensusan, a merchant and importer based in Sydney, placed an advertisement in the Moreton Bay Courier for the sale of homœopathic medicines and books.


Rev. Benjamin Gilmore Wilson, a missionary who had studied homœopathy in England, travelled to Brisbane to take charge of the Baptist church. He was Brisbane's first Baptist minister and first medical missionary.

1859 John Bell, homœopathic chemist based in Sydney, advertised his services in the Moreton Bay Courier under the heading "Sydney Homœopathic Pharmacy".
1860 In the Moreton Bay Courier, Gregory, Cubitt & Co. of Sydney advertised that they had homœopathic medicines, books and medicine chests for sale.

Prussian-born Dr Guido Romido Christian Thon arrived in Queensland. It appears that he was the first registered medical practitioner to established a practice as a surgeon and homœopathic physician.


Andrew John Baden Jenner arrived in Queensland and established a practice as a homœopath. He was a lay practitioner, not a legally qualified medical practitioner.


E. Stronell advertised that he had opened a homœopathic pharmacy at 105 Edward Street in Brisbane. Prior to this time, homœopathic medicines and books had been advertised by Sydney-based businesses. This may have been Queensland's first homœopathic pharmacy.


William Smith arrived from England and set up practice as a homœopath. He obtained his qualifications from the Pennsylvanian College of Homœopathic Medicine. As the Medical Board did not recognise American or homœopathic qualifications, they refused to register him.


Dr John Neill Waugh became registered as a medical practitioner and established his practice in Brisbane.


The Government Gazette reported that John Russell (also spelled Russel) was a homœopathic practitioner at Hurley's Rush near Clermont. He died before his application for medical registration was processed.


Thomas Pryde, bookseller and stationer at Ipswich, advertised that he was also an agent for homœopathic medicines.


William Hopkins, bookseller and stationer at Rockhampton, advertised that he was also an agent for the sale of homœopathic medicines.


Henry Leake advertised his homœopathic pharmacy, located in Edward Street, Brisbane.


Moses Ward started his business as a chemist and dentist in about 1862. It was not until 1878, however, that he specifically advertised that he sold homœopathic medicines.


William Jager of Rockhampton commenced advertising his services as a "homœopathist", treating people and animals.


Alfred William Field & Co. advertised as "Homœopathic Chemists, Dentists, etc", located in Brisbane.

Around 1887

Having spent most of his life in Tasmania, treating his family and parishioners with homœopathic medicines, Rev. Marcus Blake Brownrigg moved to Queensland, where he worked at Gladstone, followed by North Rockhampton.


Alex McKee was listed in the Queensland postal directory as a homœopathic chemist in Brisbane.


Dr George Knowles became registered as a medical practitioner, and advertised that he was a homœopathic physician.


Dr Hartley Dixon, who had practised as a homœopath in South Australia for many years, moved to North Quay in Brisbane.


Hartley R. Dixon, son of Dr Harley Dixon, established a homœopathic pharmacy in Brisbane.


Having previously practised in Victoria and New South Wales, commencing in 1897 Dr John Maffey started visiting Brisbane and providing services from there on an occasional basis. He subsequently set up practice in Queensland for a few years before moving to Tasmania to work at the Launceston Homœopathic Hospital.


R.G.B. Rose, Chemist and Dentist, advertised that the Gympie Pharmacy also stocked homœopathic medicines.


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