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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


By August 1892, Martin & Co were advertising as homœopathic chemists in Perth.



                                        Advertisement in 1895-1896


Advertisements in the West Australian during the latter part of 1895 state that Martin & Co were Homœopathic and Dispensing Chemists on the Corner of Hay Street West and King Street. In these advertisements their connection with Melbourne’s homœopathic pharmacy, Kidner & Gould (later Martin & Co) is specifically stated: “Established in Melbourne 1860”.  Martin & Co was initiated by the same Richard Joseph Henry Martin who had operated Martin & Co in Collins Street in Melbourne until 1886.  There is a Richard Jos. Henry Martin of Perth listed as a chemist in the 1897 edition of the post office directory, as well as in the 1905 directory.


Wise’s Western Australian Post Office Directory of 1894 listed two homœopathic chemists, one of them being Martin & Co in Hay Street (the other pharmacy was Wigg & Co, whose head office was in Adelaide).


The post office directory for 1895-1896 included a listing for Martin & Co, homœopathic chemists, at Murray Street, Perth, opposite the Grand Hotel.  


By December 1898 the company had moved to Barrack Street, and they also had a shop in Market Street in Fremantle.


In 1903, Martin & Co, chemist, were at 111 Barrack Street, between Hay Street and Murray Street. It was managed by A.J. Grace. It was still there in 1906. In 1907 and 1908 the business was advertised as being at 73 Barrack Street.


A meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society in 1899 lists attendance by RJH Martin and AJH Martin. AJH Martin could possibly have been related to RJH Martin, although at this stage a relationship between the two men has not been established.


It appears that the Fremantle business may have closed in 1899, as there is an advertisement for the purchase of the business “lately carried on by Messrs Martin & Co and AJ Grace, chemists, Market Street Fremantle”.


Interestingly, during 1897 Martin & Pleasance of Melbourne also advertised their products separately, in the West Australian newspaper.


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