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History of homœopathy in Western Australia - A brief summary:

(see also the article: "Homœopathy in Western Australia")

Around 1857 - 1860

Dom Salvado a Benedictine monk, came to Western Australia in January 1846 and founded the monastery at New Norcia. After an extended stay in Rome and Perth beginning in 1848, he returned to New Norcia in 1857. Dom Salvado was probably the first person to introduce homœopathy to Western Australia. It appears that Dom Salvado’s knowledge of homœopathy was acquired some time after 1851 (and possibly as late as 1857 when he returned to New Norcia, or 1860 when Father Coll arrived at New Norcia), as prior to 1851 he claimed to be completely ignorant of medicine. Monastery records at New Norcia suggest that homœopathic medicine eventually became the main form of medicine used by the community.


Various brands of homœopathic cocoa were advertised in the Western Australian newspapers.

1891 W.A. Laker, general storekeeper in Perth, advertised that homœopathic books and medicines were a specialty of his business.

Richard J.H. Martin of Martin & Co. advertised as homœopathic chemists in Perth.


E.S. Wigg of Wigg & Co. (South Australia) opened a branch in Perth.

1893 Ezra Parry advertised as E. Parry & Co., homœopathic chemists, Fremantle.
1895 By this time, Charles Radcliffe and Arthur Tilly had taken over the business of E.S. Wigg, and advertised their pharmacy in Perth.
1896 Dr William Adam Kennedy arrived in Western Australia and establish his practice in Perth. It appears that he was the first qualified practitioner in Western Australia to advertise his services as a homœopath.;.

Martin & Pleasance (of Collins Street, Melbourne) advertised that their homœopathic medicines were now available from all chemists in Western Australia.

1898 Martin & Co established a homœopathic pharmacy in Fremantle.
1903 John N. Birks, chemist, advertised that Birks homœopathic medicines were available from his pharmacy in Perth.
1907 J. Shadwick advertised as a homœopathic and dispensing chemist in Perth.
1908 Martin & Co. were still operating in Perth.

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