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An advertisement for the Self-Supporting Dispensary

The Age,  September 19,  1874

Commencing 19 September 1874, items appeared in Melbourne's newspapers advertising the establishment of the 'Self-Supporting Homœopathic Dispensary'. It was located at 84 Collins Street East, opposite the Athenaeum and the Baptist Church. This was the location of Benjamin Poulton's Homœopathic Pharmacy.


Mr Poulton was 'Chemist and Secretary of the Dispensary. Consulting seervices were provided by Dr James Emery Gould, who was also an honorary physician for the Melbourne Homœopathic Dispensary.


According to the advertisements:


This dispensary is established with a view of treating the medical necessities of those believers in homœopathy whose circumstances do not admit of their paying the physician's usual fee, but who, on the other hand, do not feel justified in accepting the benevolent aid intended for the entirely destitute.



According to the advertisements of the time, a payment of 10 shillings fortnightly entitled a patient to consult the physician at any or all of the days and hours of attendance.


It appears that the Self-Supporting Homœopathic Dispensary ceased operation towards the end of August 1875, as the last advertisement appeared on 28 August 1875.


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