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(Based on research by Shane Humphreys and Barbara Armstrong)


Although Messrs Walch and Sons were stationers and booksellers, it is recorded that they advertised regularly in The Mercury newspaper as importers of homœopathic medicines for the public.


In MacPhaill’s Directory of Tasmania for 1867, Walch & Sons were listed as being stationers at 12 Macquarie Street Hobart, with no mention of any homœopathic activities. In 1855, however, they advertised several new books related to homœopathy, such as Jahr’s “Pocket Dictionary of Homœopathic Practice”, and "Homœopathic Practices” by Drs Curtius & Lillie.


Walch & Sons were obviously very keen to promote homœopathy in Tasmania, as the monthly publication 'Notes on Homœopathy' (printed from September 1870 to August 1871) stated that all communications were to be addressed to the Editor, care of Messrs Walch & Sons, Hobart Town. The Notes announced that the Editors would be laymen, with assistance of short contributions from medical homœopaths in the colonies. The Notes were edited by E.C. Nowell, a supporter of homœopathy. 


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