F.S. Browne & Co.’s Pharmacy

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    Homœopathic Pharmacy, Launceston
    The Pharmacy

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


The Homœopathic Pharmacy in Launceston opened in October 1883 at Elizabeth Street, opposite the Workmen's Club.  Later advertisements state that the pharmacy was originally established as a branch of the Homœopathic Pharmacy at Hobart, and that the pharmacy was owned by Dr Benjafield.  The original manager of the pharmacy was not mentioned in the early advertisements, however it is likely that this was F. Styant Browne.  


The advertisement for the opening for the pharmacy announced that Dr Samuel Brown would provide consultations from the premises.  This he continued to do until he left Tasmania in 1885.  Until the arrival of another fully qualified homœopath, Dr Benjafield occasionally provided consultations from the pharmacy.


F. Styant Browne trained at the Westminster College of Pharmacy in England in the 1870’s, and was registered as a chemist in Tasmania in 1882. 


In August 1884 the Homœopathic Pharmacy moved from Elizabeth Street to Brisbane Street, next to the Coffee Palace, later called the Metropole.  Later advertisements cited the street number as 112 Brisbane Street.


The Launceston Examiner of 19th August 1884 described the new Pharmacy in the following manner:




The new establishment is 27ft by 14ft with a consulting room at the back 14ft square, a new and effective glass chandelier at night gives the interior a bright and attractive appearance, all the fittings are of polished cedar and include a counter upon which a glass case will be placed at each end. Shelves extend along the walls and the window will have a fancy back with figured glass etc. The whole appearance is light and attractive and as Homœopathy is rapidly rising in public estimation no doubt Mr Browne will receive a full share of public patronage. The window is filled with all kinds of those articles usually on view in a Homœopathic pharmacy and conspicuous in the centre is a very well executed bust of Dr Hahnemann, the founder of this branch of the medical profession.


On the 11th November 1885, Mr Browne made the following announcement:


F.S. Browne begs to announce that he has purchased the interest lately possessed by Dr Benjafield of Hobart in the Homœopathic Pharmacy, Brisbane Street and hopes to secure that patronage which has hitherto been so liberally accorded by homœopaths and the public generally since the pharmacy has been opened,  The business will now be carried on under the style of F.S. Browne & Co.


In 1887 the Pharmacy published a new self-treatment booklet.  Called "The Medical Companion", it included symptoms and treatment of most of the common conditions,  golden rules for health, what to do in case of an accident, and an article on the management of children and infants, written by a lady residing in Launceston.  It had been revised by a local physician.  The booklet continued to be advertised through to 1898.


Mr Browne conducted his pharmacy and practised homœopathy in Launceston for 50 years until his retirement in 1932. The Pharmacy continued operate under its original name for many years after his retirement.


     Note the 'Homœopathic Pharmacy' signage on the extreme right side of the photo

(Photograph of postcard courtesy of Francis Treuherz)



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