• Full Name:
    Dr Hartley Dixon
  • Role:
    Registered practitioner
  • Occupation/s:
    Surgeon, homoeopath
  • State:
    South Australia
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)

Dr Dixon obtained his qualifications in Britain and Ireland (LRCP & LRCS Edin. 1882; Lic Apoth Hall Dublin, 1877; LM Coombe Maternity, Dublin 1877). However, he was listed as a practitioner in the Homœopathic Directory of Great Britain & Ireland for 1873, practising at Moulesfield in South Australia.


In 1882-3 he lived at Halton House, Hurtle Square, Adelaide. He was medical Officer of the Destitute Board, Highercombe and Teatree Gully. In the Australasian Medical Directory of 1886 he was listed as being at Halton House, also at Young Street, Parkside, where he was part proprietor and medical officer of a private hospital, “The Clinique”, Parkside. During 1886 he gained qualifications (FRCS) from Edinburgh.


By 1892 Dr Dixon had moved to Queensland, at “Beatrice Villa”, North Quay in Brisbane. In 1895 he appeared in the list of surgeons in Brisbane, in Pugh’s Almanac & Queensland Directory. In the 1896 edition his entry stated “homœopathic”, and his practice was at North Quay. He was still listed as such in the 1900 edition. By 1903 he was no longer listed.


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