• Full Name:
    Dr John Northcote Deck
    Dr Northcote Deck
  • Role:
    Registered practitioner
  • Occupation/s:
    Physician & surgeon, homoeopath
  • State:
    New South Wales
    Soloman Islands
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


[12/3/1875 - 1957]


             Dr John Northcote Deck

Dr John Northcote Deck (also known as Dr Northcote Deck), was one of the sons of Dr John Feild Deck. John Northcote was born in England in 1875.  He obtained his MB in 1900 and his MS qualification in 1902, both from Sydney University. He was registered on 9 January, 1901.


He was a Resident at the Melbourne Homœopathic Hospital from 1901 to 1904. He also became one of the Honorary Medical Officers at the Sydney Homœopathic Hospital. He was listed as an Honorary Medical Officer of the Sydney Homœopathic Hospital in the annual report of 1906. From 1905 to 1908 he was recorded as practising at 92 Elizabeth Street, Ashfield.


Dr Deck joined the South Sea Evangelical Mission in 1908. The Australian National University in Canberra has a section which contains papers on the South Sea Evangelical Mission in the Solomon Islands 1907 - 1957. It contains many papers from J. Northcote Deck (mostly religious, none homœopathic), and some glass slides of the Solomon Islands from 1907 to 1947.


Dr Deck returned to Australia many times, participating in a number of church conferences. In 1922 The Argus reported that Dr Northcote Deck was involved with a Truths of Christianity Conference, and that Dr Deck was a missionary in the Solomon Islands. (Several other children of John Feild Deck also became missionaries.) As a pioneer missionary doctor and explorer in the Islands, it was reported that in 1909 he had crossed Malaita Island from west to east, the first white man to do so. As a result of his exploratory ventures in the South Sea Islands, he was honoured by the Royal Geographical Society and made a Fellow of that organisation.


After about 20 years of service in the Solomons, he moved to England. In 1929 and 1930 the UK telephone book listed him at 12 Chalmeley Crescent, while from 1932 to 1935 he was at Fox burrow, Egmont Rd, Sutton. The Australian Electoral Roll of 1936 stated that his address was 7 Bushlands Ave, Lindfield in Australia.


Dr Deck moved to Canada where he married and became the father of two children – Lucy Deck Shaw and John Deck. Lucy described him as being “a handsome, twinkle-eyed Britisher of great presence and charm – humorous, vigorous, optimistic and unselfconsciously humble.”


He returned to England twice. In 1852 his address during his stay was given as the China Inland Mission, Newington Green London, and his occupation was surgeon. In 1955, he return again for a 4 month stay. By this time he was retired and his address during his stay was 10 Finchley Rd, London.


In Canada, Dr Deck became an active member of the board of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, and helped to launch Cedar Campus, on Prentiss Bay. There, a cabin was built in 1958 and named after Northcote Deck.


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