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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


[1843 - 1904]


Andrew Miller was born at Ayr, in Scotland. According to his obituary, this was in 1843, although some other sources cite 1839. He was educated at Ayre Academy and served his apprenticeship as a chemist at Paisley and passed his examinations with distinction.


He emigrated to Melbourne where he became an assistant chemist before purchasing his own pharmacy business.


In 1869 Mr Miller moved to Tasmania where, on 30 November 1869, he married Ann Mary McAllan.

In 1871, aged 28, he purchased the Hobart pharmacy business of Dr Smart. It was at this time that his advertisements included statements that he sold homœopathic medicines.


According to his obituary, Mr Miller proved to be "an estimable citizen being well endowed with those faculties of energy, industry, and enterprise which have made Scotchmen famous all the world over in their mastery of business and commercial affairs generally. ... In all his dealings Mr Miller was remarkable for his honesty of purpose, liberal-mindedness, and integrity of principles, though making no open profession of those virtues. He had the courage of his convictions, and there was nothing of the hypocrite, the envious spirit, or the 'little Hobartian' about him, for he heartily sympathised with all progressive efforts."


He was involved with the Tasmanian Racing Club, one of the pioneers of the mining industry in Tasmania, especially on the West Coast, and was one of the first in Tasmania to commence the manufacture of pure eucalyptus oil from the leaves of the blue gum, establishing an oil distillery.


Mr & Mrs Miller had two sons and four daughters. He died suddenly on 2 April, 1904.


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