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    Edward Raymond Ash
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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


[1854 - 1941]


Edward Raymond Ash was the eldest son (and first child) of Edward Ash, who established a pharmacy in Elizabeth Street. According to his obituary, he was born at Hobart. Following his education at a school in Elizabeth Street, Hobart, and by private tuition, Edward Raymond Ash became apprenticed to his father, Edward Ash. He successfully passed his examinations as chemist and druggist on 13 February, 1877. He joined his father in business, with Edward Ash senior renaming the pharmacy "Edward Ash and Son".


He helped found the Tasmanian Photographic and Art Association.


After some years he moved to Waratah, when the Mt Bischoff mine was at its peak of production, and established a pharmacy there. Subsequently he set up a similar business at Franklin.


After retirement from business, he resided at Bellerive until his death at age 87 on 27 April 1941 at a private hospital in Hobart.


At the time of his death he was recorded as being the oldest registered pharmaceutical chemist in Tasmania and among the oldest in the Commonwealth.


(For more details see the document on Homœopathic Pharmacies, Dispensaries & Manufacturers)



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