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    William Larmer
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    New South Wales
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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


[1817- 1888]


William Larmer was born in Reigate, Surrey, the son of James Larmer (who was an inn keeper) and his wife Frances.  He was baptised on 25 May 1817. 


According to the English Census of 1841 he was already working as a chemist at Market Place, Reigate.  In October 1841 he married Elizabeth Budgen.  By the time of the next Census in 1851 William and Elizabeth had three daughters, and he was listed as living in High Street, Reigate.


William and his family arrived in Sydney on 16 December, 1852 aboard the Anglesey. In June of the following year he purchased a chemist and druggist business in 341 George Street, Sydney, and advertised his services as a chemist and dentist.


Over time the street number of his business in George Street changed several times, possibly because of the change in street numbering rather than a change of premises.  Cox and Co’s Sydney Post Office Directory for 1857 listed William Larmer as a chemist at 367 George Street, with his residence being at 192 Liverpool Street West, on the south side, near Macquarie Street.  In 1863 his private residence was in Nicholson Street, Balmain.  Sand’s Sydney and Suburban Directory for 1871 listed him as being a Homœopathic Druggist at 323 ½  George Street. The address in the 1875 directory listing was 323 George Street, with his residence being at “Cotham”, Point Piper Road, Paddington. He was President of the Pharmaceutical Society in 1885.


At the time of his death on 18 May, 1888 he was living at "Omer", Edgecliff Road, Waverley. 


It appears that he did not sell homœopathic medicines in his earlier years, just allopathic and patent medicines. The first known advertisement for him as a homœopathic chemist was in September 1865.   


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