• Full Name:
    Edward Gardiner Gould
  • Role:
  • Occupation/s:
    Chemist; later medical practitioner
  • State:
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:
Born about 1842 at Charing Cross, Middlesex to Edward and Rebecca Gould. In the 1851 English Census, Edward senior was a porter. By the time of the1861 Census, however, Edward senior was listed as a homœopathic chemist, and one of his sons, Joseph (born in 1844) was listed as a chemist’s apprentice. This was the London business known as Gould and Son. Another son was James Emery Gould (born about 1849/1850).


Previously dispenser of the London Homœopathic Hospital, Edward G. Gould arrived in Melbourne during May 1860, on the “Orwell”. Shipping records state that he was 19 years of age. He immediately went into business with Samuel Kidner, to create the homœopathic pharmacy Kidner & Gould. Later, he also established a homœopathic pharmacy in Geelong, and the Geelong Homœopathic Dispensary.


He returned to the UK in 1873, on board the “Lord Walden”, with his wife, infant, and two servants. He then obtained his medical qualifications in Ireland (Lic K. Q. Coll. Phys Ireland 1876). He then worked as a medical practitioner in various locations around England. In 1919 he had a practice in Tunbridge Wells, but he did not appear in the Medical Directory for 1923.


(For more details see the document on Homœopathic Pharmacies, Dispensaries & Manufacturers)


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