• Full Name:
    William Smith
  • Role:
    Unregistered practitioner
  • Occupation/s:
    Physician, homœopath
  • State:
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


He obtained his qualification from Pennsylvania College of Homœopathic Medicine in 1855, and practised for nine years at the Oldham Dispensary in Lancashire, England, although not registered there as a medical practitioner. By January 1863 he had moved to Brisbane and set up practice as a homœopath. His first practice was at Stanley Street “near the proposed new ferry, South Brisbane”. There he set up a homœopathic dispensary, apparently charging less for “persons unable to pay the ordinary medical fee”. He also advertised that he would visit those requiring treatment at home, provided they were recommended by “some respectable householder”.


By May 1863 his practice was in George Street, opposite The Courier office, where he also sold homœopathic books and medicine chests. Inadvisably, he also advertised that he could cure head, eye, chest, stomach, uterine and blood disorders “that have been pronounced incurable under the old school of treatment”.


The Queensland Directory of 1865 listed him as William Smith, MD, one of two homœopathic practitioners at that time. The Queensland Medical Board refused to register him and in June 1866 he threatened proceedings against them.


On 23 February 1870 he advertised as a homœopathist in the Brisbane Courier.


In 1873 the Queensland Medical Board put forward a case to prosecute him for acting as a medical practitioner, against the provisions of the Medical Act of 1867. However, when the case was heard in November 1873, the case was dismissed.


His practice was in George Street, Brisbane in 1865 and 1868. By 1874 he had moved to Edward Street and in 1875 he was the only Homœopathic Practitioner listed under that heading in the Directory.


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