• Full Name:
    Dr Francis Bellamy
  • Role:
    Registered Practitioner
  • Occupation/s:
    Homœopathic physician & surgeon
  • State:
    New South Wales
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


[?1811 - 1867]


According to England’s 1841 census, Francis Bellamy was born about 1811. In 1841 he was recorded as being 30 years of age, and he lived at Somerton, Somerset. He was listed as being a surgeon. Dr Bellamy gained his medical qualifications (LSA, 1837 and MRCS, 1843) in England and had a position as Assistant Surgeon to the Homœopathic Cholera Hospital, Jersey. He then moved to 2 Clifton New Town, Guernsey, where he was Surgeon to the Guernsey Homœopathic Dispensary. He was a Member of the Hahnemann Medical Society. In terms of his homœopathic practice, Dr Bellamy was strongly influenced by Dr John Ozanne of Guernsey, editor of The Monthly Homœopathic Review.


Bellamy settled in Australia by 1855 and in 1858 was Medical Officer to the Sydney Homœopathic Dispensary. Along with Charles Meymott, he was one of two homœopathic practitioners in Sydney in 1858. In 1858, 1863 and 1865 he was listed in Sand’s Sydney Directory as being a surgeon at 17 Clarence Street. From 1866 his practice was at 323 George Street and his private residence was at Clarence Street (Cowper Terrace). Dr Bellamy died in Sydney in early December, 1867. His ‘superior household furniture and effects’ were sold on 6th January 1868. On 24th March 1872 his son, Edward Francis Bellamy, died at Grassmere, aged 35 years.



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