• Full Name:
    Dr Hubert Payne Scott
    Dr Hubert Payne-Scott
  • Role:
    Registered practitioner
  • Occupation/s:
    Medical practitioner, homœopath
  • State:
    New South Wales
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:
1842 – 1917]

Hubert Payne Scott was born in 1842 at Tiverton, Devon. In 1872 he married Agnes Duppuy at St George, Hanover Square in London. He gained his qualifications (Reg. Lic. Soc. Apothecaries) in the same year. From that time until about 1885 or 1886 he practised in England.


Dr Scott was listed in the 1886 edition of the Australasian Medical Directory. His address at that time was 181 Macquarie Street. His wife and children arrived in Sydney in January 1887.


The UK Medical Register of 1887 stated that he was at 209 Macquarie Street in N. Sydney, while the Sands Directory for 1887 stated that he was at 186 Macquarie Street, practising as a homœopath, then 181 Macquarie Street. After this, he moved several times:


1889 and 1890 – 104 Phillip Street, Sydney


1891 – 209 Macquarie Street


On 16 September, 1891 he advertised a change of the family name from ‘Scott’ to ‘Payne-Scott’.


In the 1892 edition he was at 169 Macquarie Street, with the addition of the statement that he practised as a homœopath. During the same year he provided services, once a week, to the newly-formed Sydney Homœopathic Dispensary (the second attempt to establish the dispensary). He worked there with Dr Maffey.


1893 – Cavendish Street, Petersham


1894 – 27 Arundel Terrace, Forest Lodge


1895 and 1896 – 181 Macquarie Street. The Australasian Medical Directory of 1896 also listed him at St James’ Chambers, King Street, Sydney, homoeopath


1897 – homoeopathist, 76 Edgeware Rd, Newtown and 181 Macquarie Street


1898 – 3 Trafalgar St, Newtown


1899 – 63 London Street, Enmore and 166 King Street


1900 and 1902 – 50 George Street W., Sydney (Australasian Medical Directory) and Marrickville Rd, Marrickville (Sands Directory)


1903 – 50 George Street W., Sydney, (The Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical Directory of N.S.W.)


In December 1896 there was an item in the Brisbane Courier concerning a proposed visit to Brisbane by Dr J. Maffey, another homœopath:


In conjunction with Dr Payne-Scott, he has discovered a system for the treatment of cancer and tumours without operation, and he hopes to explain his system while on his visit here.


In 1903 he moved back to England, leaving his wife and children behind in Australia.


From 1903 to 1915 he was listed in the UK’s Medical Register, practising from several locations over time.


He died in at 69 Mill Lane, Hampstead, London, at the home of his brother who was also a doctor.


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