• Full Name:
    Thomas Magarey
  • Role:
  • Occupation/s:
    Miller, pastoralist
  • State:
    South Australia
  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:
[1825 - 1902]
               Thomas Magarey. c. 1840

            Reproduction courtesy of State Library

                    of South Australia.  SLSA: B 56079

Keen early supporter of homœopathy in Adelaide. Helpedestablish the Adelaide Homœopathic Dispensary.

Home built for Thomas Magarey in 1873

(once known as Sidegarth)

North Terrace, Adelaide

Photo courtesy of Peter Torokfalvy


Mr Magarey was the first to introduce the teachings of the Churches of Christ to Adelaide. With a breakaway group from the Scotch Baptist Church he had helped to found the first Church of Christ in Australia by 1849. He endowed chapels at Hindmarsh in 1854, and in Grote Street in 1856.

Thomas Magarey's name appears on the 1865 Certificate of Title for the land on which the Hindmarsh Church of Christ Chapel was located, along with the names of Henry Wheeler and Samuel Kidner (both cited as being Homœopathic Practitioners) and James Verco, plus others.




 Hindmarsh Church of Christ Chapel

Photo courtesy of Alison Hicks



 Hindmarsh Church of Christ Chapel

Photo courtesy of Alison Hicks

The chapel is on Orsmond Street, Hindmarsh, on the south side opposite the Adelaide Entertainment Centre carpark.


[For more information, see the article by Barbara Armstrong on The Introduction of Homœopathy to Adelaide in Similia December 2006, Vol 18:2, the journal of the Australian Homœopathic Association.]


See also the reference to Thomas Magarey in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.


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