WD Allott, Chemist and Druggist

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WD Allott was born 1 May 1817 in Staffordshire, the son of a Congregational minister. He was apprenticed into the druggist trade in Sheffield and Birmingham, then came to South Australia in 1854. His obituary stated that he was engaged in business in Leigh Street Adelaide, then moved his business as chemist and druggist to Rundle Street, where he had “a well-acquired reputation for being most careful and skilled in his profession.” In 1858 advertisements for his business were placed in the Royal South Australian Almanac and Howell’s Directory, however, there was no mention of homœopathic products being for sale. His business was the “Depot of The London Religious Tract Society”.


                             Advertisement for W.D. Allott, 1867



In the Adelaide Almanack, Town and Country Directory and Guide to South Australia of 1866 and 1867, WD Allott placed advertisements for his business as a chemist and druggist at 134 Rundle Street. He stated that he was an importer of homœopathic medicines of all kinds, as well as importer of other drugs and patent medicines, and “Horse & Cattle Medicines, Leeches, etc. Stations & Stores supplied on liberal terms.” His chemist shop continued business through into the 1880s. William Dixon Allott became a JP, and Mayor of Adelaide during 1873 and 1874. He died 19 November 1892.


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