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                                            An advertisement in 1878


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Moses Ward started business as a chemist and dentist in about 1862. He is listed in the 1865 edition of Pugh’s Almanac & Queensland Directory as a Dispensing Chemist and Druggist in Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, and as an operating dentist. In 1874 his business was still at Ann Street, with the suburb being Brisbane, and his private residence was The Grove, Breakfast Creek.



                                An advertisement in 1878


By 1875 he had moved to 198 (or 193?) Queen Street, Brisbane, opposite the Post Office and near the Queensland National Bank. At this stage there was no mention of him supplying homœopathic medicines. However, in 1878 he had two advertisements in the Directory, one as a wholesale druggist and the other as a family and dispensing chemist and dentist. Both stated that he was “sole agent for Ashton and Parson’s Homœopathic Medicines, &c.”


In 1895 Mr Ward, along with a Daniel McGregor applied for a certificate of insolvency with the Supreme Court. His affidavit stated that he had carried on in his business very successfully for about twenty years. Having acquired a considerable sum out of the profits of his business and judicious land speculations, he retired from business. About 1892, he recommenced business in the shop. He then possessed free-hold and other properties and interests. His business of chemist and dentist was always a paying one. Prior to 1893 he had invested a considerable sum of money in shares in various public companies. He lost money because of the severe depression which culminated in the banking and commercial crisis of 1893. In addition, he had purchased the property known as the West Moreton Coal Mine in partnership with Mr McGregor. Unfortunately, he was deceived regarding the value and prospects of the property, and the mine operated at a loss.


In 1903 the listing was for Moses Ward and George W. Ward at 300-2 Queen Street Brisbane.


Mr Ward was involved with the Brisbane City Mission and the Pharmaceutical Society of Queensland. He was also a member of the committee of the Brisbane Hospital.


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