Henry Leake, Homœopathic chemist

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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


From September 1876 to 1878 Henry Leake advertised in the Brisbane Courier that his homœopathic pharmacy was located in Edward Street in Brisbane. He stated that the pharmacy operated “under the sanction of Drs Waugh and Brereton”. However, in the 1877 Pugh’s Almanac & Queensland Directory, Henry Leake was listed as a homœopathic chemist and druggist, with his address being Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, and he ran a photographic warehouse from Edward Street.


By 1879 his advertisements stated that he was at 91 Edward Street. He sold medicines and books, etc. “Advice gratis.”


In a letter to the editor of the Brisbane Courier during 1881, Henry Leake stated that he was “late student of chemistry at the London University”.


Towards the end of 1882 he advertised that he was a “homœopathist” (although he did not have a homœopathic qualification) and had moved to Adelaide Street, opposite the Normal School. He had sold his share in the homœopathic chemist’s business at Edward Street to Mr George Slater “by whom (with competent assistance) it will be carried on under the style of Henry Leake & Co.” George Slater was a bookseller and stationer, and therefore needed some professional assistance. A later advertisement stated that he had engaged Mr W. Johnson “a first-class homœopathic chemist from England”.


In 1885 Leake & Co. advertised in the Brisbane Courier that they were able to provide medicine chests “filled to suit the climate”. He provided advice from 9 to 2 and 3 to 6; Saturdays 9 to 2 and 7 to 9.


During April 1885 George Slater sold his interest in the business to A.W. Field.


Henry Leake died on 27 December 1890 at his residence in Walter Street East.


(Note that in 1874 the post office directory had a listing for a Henry Leake who was a “collector” at Ashley Cottages, One-mile Swamp, South Brisbane. At this stage it is not known if this is the same Henry Leake.)


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