John Bell Homœopathic Pharmacy

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                                Advertisement by John Bell in 1864


(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


In 1859 John Bell advertised his services in The Moreton Bay Courier, under the heading “Sydney Homœopathic Pharmacy”. He sold medicine cases, standard works on homœopathy, works and medicines for veterinary homœopathy. He stated that all medicines, prepared in Sydney, were “the same as used in dispensing for the Homœopathic Practitioners in this city.”


In the 1864 edition of Pugh’s Almanac & Queensland Directory, John Bell placed an advertisement for his “genuine homœopathic medicines”. He also stated that he would treat patients by letter, with the cost of the consultation determined “according to the quantity of medicine supplied”.  


For further information about John Bell, see the entry for his pharmacy.


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