Osmond, John T & Co, Homœopathic Pharmacy

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    New South Wales
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    John T. Osmond and Sons

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


Having left his homœopathic pharmacy in Victoria, John Thomas Osmond, son of Thomas Osmond, established a pharmacy in Sydney. The first mention of him was 'Osmond, homœopathist, next Larkin's, George Street South', where he established Osmond's Homœopathic Pharmacy. This address was at 782 George Street, Haymarket, on the east side of George Street, next to Larkin's Prince of Wales Hotel (now demolished).


In 1888 an advertisement stated that ad Dr Hill or Messrs J.T. Osmond & Co, dentists, would visit Port Macquarie and could be consulted there. From that time John advertised as either a chemist or dentist or both.


In 1892 this pharmacy, along with that of Fisher & Co, was an honorary dispenser of the re-established Sydney Homœopathic Dispensary.


By 1894 the address of the pharmacy was listed as 798 George Street. This was possibly because of a change in Sydney's street numbering system, rather than a change in location.


In 1894 John's name appeared in the N.S.W. Gazette as a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of N.S.W. He was a Registered Pharmaceutical Chemist 'under 40 Vic. No.9'. Presumably this meant that his membership was a result of having been approved as a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria. His two eldest sons were also listed. It is presumed that they both worked as apprentices with their father.


John Thomas died at his residence in George Street on 9 July, 1901.


In the Sydney Directories of 1900, 1902 and 1904, this was one of four homœopathic pharmacies in Sydney. In 1913 it was listed as John T. Osmond and Sons.


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