Additions & Updates in 2019

  • Abstract:

    Through ongoing research, this website aims to:

    - Increase the number of known early 'homœopathists' (practitioners, chemists, supporters), and homœopathic businesses
    (hospitals, chemists, dispensaries), and to record details about them and their background.

    - Update and correct existing information about these people and businesses.

    This page provides a brief record of recent additions and/or changes, with links to the full details for those items.

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)



ADDITIONS in 2019:

** (July additions)

Changes to Melbourne's Street Numbers - During 1888/1889 Melbourne's street numbering system changed. This article explains what these changes were and the reasons why they changed. This information is important for any person researching the location of Melbourne's people and businesses before and after the change. Using this information, incorrect assumptions about street locations may be avoided.


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