• Date Established:
  • State:
    South Australia
  • Suburb/Town:
    Mount Gambier
George Alfred Pritchard commenced his career in Mt Gambier as assistant to local chemist, Mr Robert Jackson, and then manager of the dispensary connected with the Mount Gambier Hospital.


In June 1873 he purchased the pharmacy of Mr H. Brown, which one of the oldest pharmacies in the history of the town as it had been opened by Mr Brown in about 1864. The pharmacy was located in Commercial Road.


Although Mr Pritchard had purchased the business, it was initially managed by Mr Henry Glover, a close friend from his time in Victoria, who also became his brother-in-law. In January 1874 it was announced that Mr Pritchard had resigned as dispenser in order to take the management of his private business in town.


In May 1874, the Border Watch newspaper carried an advertisement for the Medical Hall, Mt Gambier, stating that:


G.A. Pritchard has just received a large and varied assortment of Turner & Co's renowned London Homœopathic Medicines, comprising Globules, Tinctures, &c, &c.


Interestingly, at the same time E.S. Wigg inserted an advertisement in the same paper warning that the public "cannot be too much on their guard against spurious and carelessly prepared medicines or those which have had the sweating of a sea voyage, more especially those derived from a vegetable source ..." Wigg emphasised the purity and freshness of his products and the fact that all perishable stocks of their Agents were remedicated every 6 months if returned with the seal unbroken.


In addition to these warnings about medicines obtained from overseas, later newspaper advertisements in the Border Watch, Mount Gambier, provided extra competition from Melbourne's homœopathic pharmacy, Martin & Co. Perhaps to combat these, and to improve his business opportunities, by December 1875 Mr Pritchard had become the local Agent for homœopathic chemists Martin & Co in Collins Street, Melbourne, selling their homœopathic medicines and medicine chests. Medicine chests from Martin & Co contained the name and address of that company, plus the name of G.S. Pritchard, Mt Gambier.


The pharmacy was sold to Charles Bruce Flint in October 1886.


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