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At this stage it appears that Thomas Hill Goodwin was the first person in Victoria to advertise himself as a provider of homœopathic services. His first advertisement appeared in The Argus soon after his arrival, on 14 October 1852.


A gentleman lately arrived from England, has for disposal cases of Homœopathic Medicines, with books of instructions for their use, by Drs Currie, Laurie, Epps, Chepmell, and others.

The advertiser, having experienced the beneficial effects of the homœopathic treatment and witnessed it in numerous other cases, can with confidence recommend it. To heads of families, whether in town or in the bush, it is invaluable.

"Not only have all the slighter diseases, whether acute or chronic, been cured by homœopathic treatment, but even all the severe and more dangerous diseases which require the employment of prompt and strong measures to prevent a fatal issue, have been overcome." - Dr Forbes, physician in ordinary to the Queen.
Apply between the hours of 2 and 6 at 132 La Trobe-street West


His next advertisement appeared on 27 January 1853. 


may be had of T.H. Goodwin, Lonsdale-street East,
corner of Spring-street


This address was at number 189 Lonsdale Street East, on the northern corner.


He provided more descriptive advertisements from 12 April 1853. 



The advertiser having experienced the beneficial effects of these preparations,
strongly recommends them to the notice of all who suffer from the debilitating
influence of this climate, as the most certain and effectual remedy for dysentery, low fever and all other diseases the flesh is heir to. Sold in cases, or separately, with full directions,
by T.H. Goodwin, 189 Lonsdale-street East.


In May 1853, Mr Goodwin commenced sharing his premises with Dr Maund, MRCS England, Licentiate of the Apothecaries’ Company of London, Licentiate in Midwifery. It is unknown whether Dr Maund approved of or used homœopathic medicines.


By September 1853 Mr Goodwin had moved to 217 Swanston Street, "opposite the Supreme Court". Advertised under the title 'Homœopathic Dispensary', he stated that he was in attendance from 10 till 4 daily, Sundays excepted. He had a great variety of homœopathic medicine chests on sale, which were accompanied with full directions for use. '... to families residing in the bush, or at the diggings, they are invaluable'. For invalids he sold 'genuine homœopathic or dietetic cocoa'. 


He advertised that:


Drug Diseases – Persons suffering from the

Ill effects of large doses of medicine administered

Under the Allopathic system, will do well to

consult Mr Goodwin at the Homœopathic Dispensary.


In October 1853 he advertised:


To Invalids - The only genuine and really good homœopathic cocoa is to be obtained at the Homœopathic Dispensary, 217 Swanston Street (opposite the Supreme Court).

Drug Diseases - Persons suffering from the ill effects of large doses of medicine administered under the Allopathic System, will do well to consult Mr Goodwin at the Homœopathic Dispensary. 


In January 1854 Mr Goodwin moved to 17 Stephen Street, near the Yarra, where he provided medical advice daily, and where he had medicine chests and books about homœopathy for sale. (Stephen Street is now called Exhibition Street.)  In the 1854 Melbourne Commercial & Squatters’ Directory, TH Goodwin was recorded as running a homœopathic dispensary at that location.


On 18 July 1854 Mr Goodwin announced that the Homœopathic Dispensary would close on the following Wednesday, because he was leaving Melbourne. He advised that persons desirous of obtaining homœopathic medicines 'should apply without delay'.  He sold off his remaining medicines and disposed of his remaining stock of Homœopathic Cocoa to a business in Little Collins Street East.


He closed his business to become a missionary in Northern Victoria.


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