Martin & Co., Homœopathic Pharmacy

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    New South Wales
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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


Australian Town & Country Journal, 21 October 1876



In October 1876, a homœopathic pharmacy called 'Martin and Co.' was established in Sydney.  This was a branch of Melbourne's homœopathic pharmacy which eventually became known as Martin & Pleasance. The Sydney pharmacy was located at 143 Pitt Street, on the west side of the street, part of the Union Chambers.




Australian Town & Country Journal, 20 January 1877



In 1877, shortly after the establishment of the pharmacy, 28 year old Henry Allan Fisher, a chemist, became a partner in the Sydney firm, with the name of the business changing to 'Martin & Fisher', with a change of address to 19 Hunter Street, Sydney.  Supplies were provided by the Melbourne head office of Martin & Co. 


In August 1878 advertisements started to appear under the firm's new title of 'Fisher and Co. (late Martin and Fisher)'.


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