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    Dr Percy Wisewould
  • Role:
    Registered practitioner
  • Occupation/s:
    Physician, homœopath
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  • Date first identified using homoeopathy in Australia:

[1861 - 1933]


Percy Wisewould was born in Melbourne on 2 November 1861, son of James Wisewould, solicitor, and Sophia Drewett.

According to the Wisewould Chronicles:


Percy attended Mrs Roberts School before going to Scotch College where he was registered as Percival Wisewould on the 27th January 1869 and was living at 82 Hotham St. Melbourne. On the 30th January 1872 he was admitted to Wesley College, and the address given was 51 William St. which was the new address of the Law Firm.


Jacqueline Templeton, in her book about the history of Prince Henry's Hospital (previously called the Melbourne Homœopathic Hospital) thought that Percy came to homœopathy later in life, after his training as an allopathic doctor. However, the Wisewould Chronicles state that he was apprenticed to the homœopathic chemist, Martin and Co (which later became Martin and Pleasance). Therefore his initial training included the influence of homœopathy. In August 1878 it was announced in the newspapers that he had passed the examination under the Pharmacy Act at the Royal Society's Hall.


In about 1883 Percy travelled to Scotland to study at the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated (MB and ChM) in 1887. During his studies, Melbourne newspapers reported that he had received 2nd class honours in practical anatomy in his first year, and in his third year he had received full marks and a medal for anatomy and 2nd class honours for materia medica.


Wisewould-142HighSt Windsor-s

Dr Wisewould's Practice in High Street, Windsor


Dr Wisewould returned to Australia in July 1888 aboard The Hankow. In September of that year he advertised that he had commenced practice at Bacchus Marsh in country Victoria, and would also provide consultations at Melton at the Raglan Hotel, and at Myrniong at Tyson's Hotel. He obtained a higher degree in Medicine via thesis from the University of Edinburgh. According to the Wisewould Chronicles:


During his time at Bacchus Marsh he wrote a thesis & submitted it to Edinburgh University for his higher degree. The conferring of the degree was withheld on the information that he had adopted homœopathy, a deep disappointment to him.(This information came from his niece Dr Gweneth Wisewould.)


In May 1892 Dr Wisewould advertised that he had purchased a homœopathic practice in Prahran, previously owned by Dr Richard Wallace. This was located at "Lissoy", 142 High Street Windsor, next to the Mechanics' Institute. It was not until his move to Melbourne that he publicly advertised that he was a homœopath. In the 1892 and 1896 editions of the Australasian Medical Directory, he was listed as having a practice at High Street, West Prahran, with a statement that he practised homœopathy.


The Australasian Medical Gazette of 15 May 1894 reported that had been appointed to the Honorary Medical Staff in the Out-door Patient Department of the Melbourne Homœopathic Hospital. According to Templeton:


When Dr Percy Wisewould asked to be appointed to the Honorary Medical Staff in 1893 the Board was at pains to enquire into the nature of his practice, and Dr Edward Wheeler, an Irish homœopathic physician and member of the Honorary Medical Staff since 1889, supported Wisewould's application, assuring the Board that his practice was conducted strictly according to homœopathic principles.


His connection with the Hospital lasted over thirty years.


Dr Wisewould died suddenly at Frankston on 16 july 1933. He was unmarried.


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