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(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


(Based on information from Brauer’s website:, the Archives of the Australian Homœopathic Association, and additional research by Barbara Armstrong)


The Brauer family, immigrants from Germany, settled in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. Like many other immigrants from Germany who settled in Australia from the 1840s, the Brauer family used homœopathy as a method of medical treatment. In 1929 the Brauers established a pharmacy which supplied homœopathic medicines to other immigrants and their descendents who continued to use homœopathy.


Several companies advertised that they sold "Genuine Altona Drops". In 1938 the Tanunda Pharmacy operated by H.A. Brauer


      Altona Drops as sold by H.A. Brauer


advertised the Drops. The sample bottle shown here indicates that Brauer took over the business of Martin V. John. The post office directory for 1924 listed Mr John as a chemist's assistant in Tanunda. As such, it is probable that he worked for Mr Heuzenroeder. It appears that Mr John became the owner of Heuzenroeder's pharmacy in Tanunda, which was later taken over by Mr Brauer.


In 1972 Warren Brauer, a pharmacist, and his wife Joy, a nursing sister, began to manufacture proprietary homœopathic medicines. In 1984 they started what is now the production and laboratory facilities of Brauer Natural Medicines.


Robert Oon, first President of the Australian Homœopathic Association and now a Life Member, noted in his first President’s Report of 19 September 1983 that: “Mr Warren Brauer, Managing Director of Brauer Biotherapies offered us financial assistance in setting up our Association”.


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